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Have you ever dreamt to set foot in the Holy Land? Here is your chance. Tel Aviv is known as the most progressive and modern city in Israel. There modern skyscrapers are side by side with low ancient buildings of the last century. Tel Aviv is a mix of trendy bars and synagogues, vegan cafes and colorful markets, brandy shops and museums or historical monuments. The sea bathing will attract those who are fond of lying on the beaches. Such a variety of entertainment attracts approximately 2.5 million visitors annually. Just a few clicks on the website and the the desired flight ticket is in your hands!

How to buy a cheap ticket to Tel Aviv

At first, you need to determine the approximate date of the trip. To purchase tickets at the best price, use our dynamics of air fare service to see the statistics for the months you are interested in. If you have not found direct flights, we will offer connecting flight options.

Airports of Tel Aviv

There are 2 airports near the city: Ben Gurion Airport and Sde Dov Airport. Ben Gurion Airport offers flights to many international destinations. Ben Gurion Airport is Israel's main international airport and the safest in the world. It has two terminals (T1 and T2) for arriving and departing passengers. This airport is a hub for such airlines: El Al Israel Airlines, Israir Airlines, Arkia Israel Airlines.
Sde Dov Airport serves the schedules for the domestic flights to Eilat, northern Israel, and the Golan Heights. It periodically operates charter flights to Cyprus.

How to get from the airports of Tel Aviv

The distance from Ben Gurion Airport to the city center is 14 kilometres. Plan your route in advance and select the desired mean of transport: train, bus, route or taxi. Trains depart from the 3rd terminal every 20 minutes during the daytime, at night – every half an hour. Trains in Israel do not run during Shabbat, stopping on a Friday afternoon (15:00) and not resuming until late on Saturday evening (20:40). You can get to the central bus station by public transport only with a transfer. Bus 5 will take you to the Airport City station. You can also get from the Airport City station to the needed point of destination by minibus 475.
The distance from the city center to Sde Dov Airport is 4 km. There are buses running from the city center to Sde Dov Airport.
You can rent a car at the following link or transfer to make your vacation more comfortable.

Tel Aviv tourist attractions

Tel Aviv is the cultural center of Israel, "spring hill" and “the city that never sleeps”. These nicknames fully describe this city. All you need is a little sun and sea? The weather is warm all year round and sometimes even scorching. The government constantly cares about beaches, so they are the cleanest in the world. To feel the local atmosphere, we advise you to go for a walk along the old streets of Jaffa in the afternoon. Visit the flea market and small shops. There you will find the antiques, paintings and unusual souvenirs.
Do not lose your chance to taste Israeli street food. Falafels with chickpeas are very popular among the locals and are not harmful. The Diaspora Museum will tell you the story of the Jewish people. There are a lot of galleries and art museum, which will give you an opportunity for cultural enrichment. Visit one of the Nalaga’at performances, which are performed by deaf and blind actors. These performances will evoke bright emotions even in the experienced theater-goers.
Tel Aviv is not as religious as Jerusalem. Tel Aviv offers a diverse and bright nightlife: nightclubs, bars and pubs.
If you want to know more about Tel Aviv, you can read it in our blog. Follow the link.

Trip planning

When you are travelling to another country, you should know some useful tips. For example, flights to Tel Aviv will be more expensive from April to mid-October, according to the high season. The hottest months are July, August and September. In winter, temperatures is around 13-20°C.
Please note that public transport does not work on holidays and Saturdays. On the sixth day of the week the Jews have Shabbat. Many tourist attractions and public places are closed.
Accommodation in Tel Aviv is relatively expensive. Lily & Bloom Boutique Hotel (from $146 per night) and Shalom Hotel & Relax (from $222) are three the best Israeli hotels according to Tripadvisor. Hotel 75 takes a second place according to the price and service quality (from $112). View more hotels on

How many airports are there in Tel Aviv Yafo?

In Tel Aviv Yafo, there are following airports: Sde Dov, Ben Gurion International.

Which flights to Tel Aviv Yafo are the cheapest?

The cheapest flights to Tel Aviv Yafo are: Moscow → Tel Aviv Yafo 4224.39 UAH, Odesa → Tel Aviv Yafo 1298.54 UAH, Dnipro → Tel Aviv Yafo 3485.85 UAH, Kyiv → Tel Aviv Yafo 1263.41 UAH, Kharkov → Tel Aviv Yafo 1744.39 UAH, New York → Tel Aviv Yafo 7255.61 UAH, Warsaw → Tel Aviv Yafo 3021 UAH, Lviv → Tel Aviv Yafo 3017.65 UAH, Chisinau → Tel Aviv Yafo 2533 UAH, Larnaca → Tel Aviv Yafo 1732.68 UAH.
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