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20 May 2021, Thu
The cheapest Kyiv–Prague flight ticket found by our users: ticket from the Ryanair airline, departure 20.05.2021, and price 912 UAH
Prices found by the users for the past 48 hours are not on offer

How do I find a ticket at an attractive price?

Use our special service of price dynamics. It will help you find the cheapest tickets to the desired destination from different airlines without any difficulties.

What month are airline tickets the cheapest?

The cheapest month is February. The ticket price is 1, 003 hryvnias.

What day of the week is ticket price the lowest?

The cheapest day is Sunday. Saturday will be the most expensive. If the date is not very important, you can find cheap air fares within +/- 3 days. Our system will show all available flight ticket prices for these dates – the highest and the lowest.

How far in advance should I book tickets?

The earlier you book flights, the less you'll pay. If there are a few days prior to the departure, and you have not booked a ticket, don’t worry! The airlines usually offer special offer tickets, discounts.

Is it more economic to fly directly or with a stopover?

LOT and AirBaltik airlines offer reasonable prices for flights with stopovers in Warsaw or Riga. The ticket price starts from 2,816 hryvnias. When searching for a ticket, we recommend that you always compare the prices of a one-way ticket or a round-trip ticket. It will help you save your money up.

Will round-trip tickets cost less?

Yes, they will. It will be cheaper to buy a round-trip ticket. You will save up to 100-200 hryvnias.

What other cities are there flights to Prague from?

The direct flight to Prague are operated from Odesa. The flights with stopovers are operated from Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro. The Kyiv-Prague flight will be the cheapest  – from 2, 039 hryvnias.

What’s the lowest ticket price for the coming weekend?

The cheapest direct flight price starts from UAH 6, 093. It is operated by Czech Airline.

Are there any low-cost airlines which operate flights from Kyiv to Prague?

No, there are no low-cost flights from Kyiv to the Czech Republic.

What carriers fly to Prague from Ukraine?

Direct flights are operated by:
Czech Airlines – from UAH 2, 744;
UIA – UAH 2,039;
Smart Wings – from UAH 3,212.

How to get to the airport in Kyiv?

There are two airports in Kyiv: Zhuliany and Boryspil Airports. The fastest way to get to Boryspil is Kyiv Boryspil Express. It operates 24 hours a day. It runs from the railway station Kyiv–Pasazhyrskyi. Travel time: 35-45 minutes. Ticket price – 80 hryvnias. You can also get to Boryspil Airport by Skybus, which departs every 15-60 minutes (depending on the time of the  day). Ticket price – UAH 100. Skybus departs from the metro station Kharkivska, or from the South terminal of railway station. Travel time is 50-55 minutes. The taxi fare is about 250-300 hryvnias. You can get to Kyiv Airport (Zhuliany) from the railway station by trolleybus No. 9 and 33 (without wasting a lot of money). The ticket price is UAH 8. The trolleybus No.22 runs from the city centre. The ticket price – 9 hryvnias. The bus No. 322 runs from the airport. You will have to pay for the ticket about 59 hryvnias. Taxi is the fastest way to get to the airport. You will pay UAH 80 for the trip from the railway station to the city centre, and UAH 250 – from the Left Bank and Boryspil to the city centre.

How to to get to the airport in Prague?

There is one airport in Prague – Vaclav Havel Airport. The international and domestic flights are operated from this airport. It is located outside the city. You can also get to the airport by public transport (bus and subway), or by taxi.
Travel by bus
Several buses run from the center of Prague along different routes: No. 119 (metro line A), No. 100 (line B). Travel time: up to 20 minutes. The ticket price is CZK 30. There is an Airport Express runs from the station Hlavní nádraží (metro line C). The ticket price is CZK 60. Travel time: 35 minutes. If you need to get from the Republic Square, the shuttle-bus Cedaz departs every half hour and runs from 7:30 to 19:00. The bus fare is CZK 200. There are bus stops at the terminals 1 and 2. Tickets can be purchased at the airport bus stops, directly from the driver, or at the terminals.
Travel by taxi

The taxi fare is about CZK 500-600.
You can also order a transfer in advance at the following link. You will get to the desired destination quickly and with comfort.

How long will it take me to fly to Prague from Kyiv?

Flight duration: 2 hours.

What planes are most often flown?
The popular planes on Kyiv–Prague route are Airbus A319, Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-700(800), Canadair CRJ900, Embraer 195, Embraer 190.

How much is the cheapest Kyiv - Prague flight ticket?

Minimal price of the flight Kyiv - Prague - 912 UAH.

How far is Kyiv from Prague?

There are 1149 km from Kyiv to Prague.

From which airports are there flights on the Kyiv - Prague route?

In city Kyiv: Zhulyany, Borispol. To Prague - Ruzyne, Prague Central Railway Station.
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Ticket price by month for 2021

Kyiv — Prague Prices found by the users for the past 48 hours are not on offer
Month One-way Round-trip
April 13.04.2021 13.04.2021 21.04.2021
May 20.05.2021 from 912 14.05.2021 17.05.2021 from 2927
June 24.06.2021 from 1440 01.06.2021 11.06.2021 from 2957
July 03.07.2021 from 1570 19.07.2021 23.07.2021 from 3398
August 01.08.2021 from 1570 16.08.2021 28.08.2021 from 3404
September 11.09.2021 from 1565 13.09.2021 20.09.2021 from 3378
October 15.10.2021 from 1566 08.10.2021 11.10.2021 from 3378
November 10.11.2021 from 1585 01.11.2021 05.11.2021 from 3382
December 20.12.2021 from 2517 15.12.2021 03.01.2022 from 4568
January 06.01.2022 from 1533 03.01.2022 09.01.2022 from 5049
February 04.02.2022 from 1570 01.02.2022 09.02.2022
March 18.03.2022 from 1571 12.03.2022 19.03.2022 from 3404
Prices found by the users for the past 48 hours are not on offer